Premium Beef Jerky

Prepared in the traditional style of Carne Seca, using exceptionally thin slices of aged meat, marinated and dried to perfection.

Red Chile

Lemon Garlic


Green Chile

Spicy Steak

Hot Cheetos


Spicy Teriyaki

Salt & Pepper


Mango Habanero

Buffalo Sauce


Lemon Pepper

Valentina Hot Sauce


Garlic Parmesan


Good people! It’s hard to come by great humble, genuine people any more.
The Jerky shop has the best customer service and great quality jerky.

Looking for something spicy?… I would recommend the Spicy Steak Jerky
The Parmesan Garlic Jerky is also addicting to satisfy your savory cravings….

Great selection

Richard Dobbs

So I just got back from a trip to Albuquerque. we are from Lubbock Texas. I love beef jerky. have i found my favorite. not until I ran into this place. it’s amazing I brought some home with me and I don’t want it to run out. I go back every year so I’ll definitely be bringing a lot more back next year.
Rosanna Sanchez Ramirez

This beef jerky is so amazing!!! It’s really crispy and melts in your mouth. I tried the teriyaki flavor as a sample and had to buy it! I wasn’t a big jerky fan but now I am just based on the great texture! Plus the gentlemen at the kiosk in cottonwood were so nice and helpful. They gave us a lot of information on the product and what makes their jerky stand out. You have great people working for you the jerky Guy!
Heather Current


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